Bloom A+B Monkey Nutrients 1L 5L Plant Boosting Nutrients


Overview of Monkey Nutrients Bloom A+B:

Firstly, The Monkey’s Bloom A+B follows on perfectly from the vegetative phase to the flowering period. It gets your plants ready for maximum flower and fruit formation. All elements are of equal significance through your plant’s different stages of development, but the ratios required for perfect plants changes as they grow and bloom. Secondly, Monkey’s bloom takes all the essential elements and puts them into just the right proportion. This is so your plants can achieve the heaviest fruits and most fantastic blooms.  There’s no monkeying around with different nutrients for your method of growing either, just a solid Monkey A and Monkey B Bloom for increased flower sites and dense fruits throughout the flowering period.

Reasons for getting Monkey Nutrients Bloom A+B:

  • Lowering stress and increasing nutrient uptake.
  • Perfect ratio of elements for efficient growth.
  • Perfect for irrigation system.
  • Brings the perfect balance of concentration and stability to your plants.

Usage of Bloom A+B Monkey Nutrients:

Importantly, Use 2.5ml per Liter for the first week of flowering and then slowly up it so by week 8 of veg you are using 3ml per liter. Available in multiple volumes.

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