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CANNA Hydro Flores Hard Water (A+B) is a two-part base nutrient made for the flowering stage. It’s made for crops growing in recirculating systems in hard water areas. The product comprises the right balance of nutrients essential for the blooming phase. 

It’s suitable for use with CANNA’s range of premium additives and boosters. Growers worldwide use the product for top-quality crops and huge harvest yields. CANNA Hydro Flores Hard Water (A+B) is a two-part base nutrient; It’s made for plants in the flowering stage, growing in hard water areas; It’s suitable for recirculating systems; The product comprises chelated trace elements in absorb-able form and increased levels of Potassium and Phosphorus. 

Part A together with Part B achieve an NPK ratio of 5-3-10.   


The product is environmentally friendly; It’s easy to use; It’s free of chemicals; It’s designed and made at CANNA’s quality and performance standards. How to Use Mix part A into the water tank and stir thoroughly. Follow with part B and mix. When growing plants in hydroponic systems, keep the pH level between 5.6 and 6.2. Maintain the level of the pH closer to 5.6 as the level will rise once you add the nutrients. Store CANNA Hydro Flores Hard Water (A+B) in a dark and protected place.

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