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  • Plant magic Bugicide 1L Plant boosting hydroponic nutrients

    Kill two birds with one stone - pests and powdery mildew! Pest problems are the stuff of nightmares - problems such as spider mites can wreak havoc in your indoor garden in a short space of time. Harder still is the eradication of these pests on a permanent basis, Plant Magic Bugicide helps to combat pests and mildew at the same time, saving you time and money. Quick and effective Pest and Mildew control in one handy product Use it straight from the bottle, no pre-mixing required Helps control then eradicate a wide range of pests problems Safe to use on all flowers, fruits and vegetables Multi-purpose, effective both indoors and outside Can be used right up until harvest Pests dont become resistant the Plant Magic Bugicide Kind to birds and bees (including pet budgies) Contains: Either 500ml Spary Bottle, 1 Litre or 5 Litre Bottles depending on your selection How Plant Magic Bugicide Works: A whole range of pests can be treated with Plant Magic Bugicide including spidermites, aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, scale and psyllids. Not only that but it also helps with mildew problems too, this can be of great benefit when deep into flower. Controls pests by a physical mode of action. Can be used right up to harvest. Does not harm birds and bees. Suitable for all flowers, fruits & vegetables. Safe for indoor and outdoor growing. Directions for use: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Always read the label before use. Use at the first sign of pest infestation. Spray both sides of leaf surfaces until run off. Apply spray directly to pests. Store out of direct sunlight above 10 °C and below 25 °C. Repeat weekly to keep pests under control. Can be used more frequently for heavier infestations (several times, every 2-3 days) To avoid scorching do not spray in hot, dry conditions. Spray small test area and monitor for damage before treating valuable, unusual plants.
  • Plant magic Pure Clean 1L Hydroponic System cleaning solution

    Plant Magic Pure Clean is a super effective cleaning agent that works perfectly in any system, alongside any nutrient regime. It will ensure pumps, parts and tanks are free from salt deposits and build up. This will prevent blocked tubes, pumps and the failure of moving parts. Pure Clean will also break down salt build up in the root zone for better nutrient uptake and prevention of toxicity. £18.00
  • *Ignition

    A powerful flowering boost
  • Plant magic Enzyme 1L Plant boosting hydroponic nutrients

    Enzymes remove dead roots to prevent disease and breaks down organic matter into food for the plant. Assists the prevention of root rot and other diseases, As Enzyme isn't bacteria based it can be used alongside disinfectant cleaners like pyth Tabz and peroxide products
    • Removes dead roots to prevent disease
    • Breaks down dead matter into food
    • Suitable for disinfected tanks
    Suitable for organic and hydroponic growers and any growing media . Unique blend of enzymes that breaks down dead roots into nutrients. £16.00
  • Plant magic pk 4-8 500ml organic plant nutrients

    This all-natural organic PK boost increases fruiting and flowering. Benefits include •    Increased yields •    Improved aroma •    Improved colour and increased BRIX level Dose
    • Use 1-2ml per litre
  • Plant magic Grow 5-3-3 1L Plant boosting nutrients

    An organic feed for unbeatable taste and flavour. This exceptional base nutrient feeds the plants but also the beneficial fungi and micro-organisms in the growing medium so that the soil thrives with life throughout the entire grow. The nutrient stimulates growth but also overall plant health, flavour and aroma. The results speak for themselves. Benefits include: • Natural flavours • Increased yields • Improved plant health • Increased soil micro-population • Increase in aromas   1L (1.2kg)  UK – Organic Compound Fluid Fertiliser 5.0-3.0-3.0 Total Nitrogen 5.0% Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5) 3.0 (1.3%P) Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water 3.0(1.3%P) Potassium oxide (K2O) 3.0 (2.5%K) £11.00
  • Hydro-Silicon

    Plant Magic Bio-Silicon contains a mixture of soluble silicon and quality humic acid. £17.00
  • *Bio-Silicon 1L

    Plant Magic Bio-Silicon is a specially formulated blend of soluble silica and humic acid £27.00
  • *Magne-Cal

    Magne-Cal + works alongside the PK to aid with the uptake of these vital elements
  • *Veg Boost

    VEG BOOST is a powerful bio stimulant used to increase the activity of beneficial microorganisms and soil bioactivity. VEG BOOST contains Humic acid which has a high Cation Exchange Capacity. This acts as a reservoir for nutrients and micronutrients improving the availability of the crucial elements to the plant.

    Benefits of Veg Boost

     You will benefit from the following when using BOOST

    • Explosive top end growth
    • Increased root development
    • Increased stress tolerance
    • Reduction of nutrient leaching
    • Increased Cation Exchange Capacity
    • Increased nutrient absorption

    How to Use

     Always shake well before use. Use once every 10 – 14 days Use until first signs of flowers Foliar Applications: 1ml per litre of water

     Soil Drench: 1ml – 2ml per litre of water
  • *Platinum Ultimate PK

    Platinum is not just your stand alone PK Booster!
  • *Bloom Boost 500ML/1L

    This is a PK 13/14 Booster for fruiting crops.