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  • Shogun Complete COCO Plant Nutrient Starter Kit

    Shogun fertiliser

    The Shogun Complete fertiliser set is a perfect way to accomplish success with your plants. Using shogun will increase your yield and strength of your flowers. This one set contains:

    Shogun fertilisers:

    • 1x samurai coco A+B 1L
    • 1X Katana roots 250ml
    • 1X Silicon 250ml
    • 1X Calmag 250ml
    • 1X PK Warrior 9/18 250ml
    • 1X sumo active boost 250ml
    • 1X Dragon Force 250ml

    More information:

    PK Warrior 9/18 is a phosphorus and potassium mix that has been designed to bombard your plants with yield enhancing ingredients. This product is designed for maximum plant availability. Shake well before use. Add at a rate of 0.5-1ml to your nutrient reservoir. Start use in week 4 of flowering cycle.
    Calmag improves nutrients uptake and translocation of nutrients around your plant. Calmag massively enhances your plants ability to move and use other essential nutrient elements around as well as helping to facilitate many plant essential functions. Shake well before use, add at a rate of 1ml to your nutrients reservoir use throughout vegetative and flowering phase.
    Sumo Active Boost is a heavyweight bio stimulant designed specifically for active hydroponic systems and large reservoirs. Sumo boost triggers rapid gains in yield and quality by initiating a powerful and targeted flowering response. Shake well before use, add at a rate of 1-2ml to your reservoir or tank.
    Silicon protects and fortifies your plants against attacks from both disease and pests whilst also strengthening the very structure of your plant. Extremely concentrated and designed for maximum plant uptake, Silicon creates significantly enhanced cell wall strength that provides the basis for string and healthy development and maximum environmental resistance. Shake well before use, add silicon at a rate of 1ml to your reservoir or tank.
    Dragon Force provides a final and decisive boost to your plants before harvest. This is an expertly formulated final flowering feed designed to be used in the final 10 days to 2 weeks before harvest. It forces fruit and flowers to add weight and size, beyond their normal capacity. Shake well before use, add at a rate of 4ml to your reservoir or tank.
    Katana Roots stimulates massive root growth and a strong and healthy root zone. All great plants need a strong foundation and the expertly formulated combination of ingredients in katana roots will help to create the most efficient uptake mechanism for your plants.
    Samurai COCO A+B is a complete feed to rival all others. with precision ingredients blended meticulously to a strict code of perfection. COCO also includes Smartzen and Aquazen ingredients. Shake well before use, add at a rate of 2=4ml to your reservoir or tank