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  • Bio Mix

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  • cellmax organic bloom

    *Bio Organic Bloom

    The Cellmax Bio-Organic Bloom is an easy to use liquid Organic fertiliser designed for plants that are in their flowering period. This product guarantees an explosive fruit development and a perfect taste. Bio-Organic Bloom is completely vegetable based and does not contain any traces of animal waste.
  • Plant magic Bugicide 1L Plant boosting hydroponic nutrients

    Kill two birds with one stone - pests and powdery mildew! Pest problems are the stuff of nightmares - problems such as spider mites can wreak havoc in your indoor garden in a short space of time. Harder still is the eradication of these pests on a permanent basis, Plant Magic Bugicide helps to combat pests and mildew at the same time, saving you time and money. Quick and effective Pest and Mildew control in one handy product Use it straight from the bottle, no pre-mixing required Helps control then eradicate a wide range of pests problems Safe to use on all flowers, fruits and vegetables Multi-purpose, effective both indoors and outside Can be used right up until harvest Pests dont become resistant the Plant Magic Bugicide Kind to birds and bees (including pet budgies) Contains: Either 500ml Spary Bottle, 1 Litre or 5 Litre Bottles depending on your selection How Plant Magic Bugicide Works: A whole range of pests can be treated with Plant Magic Bugicide including spidermites, aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, scale and psyllids. Not only that but it also helps with mildew problems too, this can be of great benefit when deep into flower. Controls pests by a physical mode of action. Can be used right up to harvest. Does not harm birds and bees. Suitable for all flowers, fruits & vegetables. Safe for indoor and outdoor growing. Directions for use: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Always read the label before use. Use at the first sign of pest infestation. Spray both sides of leaf surfaces until run off. Apply spray directly to pests. Store out of direct sunlight above 10 °C and below 25 °C. Repeat weekly to keep pests under control. Can be used more frequently for heavier infestations (several times, every 2-3 days) To avoid scorching do not spray in hot, dry conditions. Spray small test area and monitor for damage before treating valuable, unusual plants.
  • cllmax bio grw

    *Bio Organic Grow

    The Cellmax Bio-Organic Grow is an easy to use liquid Organic fertilizer designed for plants that are in their Growing period. This product will deliver the right components to your plant in order to become strong and big to carry a lot of flowers or fruits. Bio-Organic Grow is completely vegetable based and does not contain any traces of animal waste.
  • Plant magic Pure Clean 1L Hydroponic System cleaning solution

    Plant Magic Pure Clean is a super effective cleaning agent that works perfectly in any system, alongside any nutrient regime. It will ensure pumps, parts and tanks are free from salt deposits and build up. This will prevent blocked tubes, pumps and the failure of moving parts. Pure Clean will also break down salt build up in the root zone for better nutrient uptake and prevention of toxicity. £18.00
  • Grow A+B Monkey Nutrients 1L 5L plant boosting hydroponic nutrients

    Overview of Grow A+B Monkey Nutrients:

    Firstly, The Monkey’s Grow A+B has the seventeen essential nutrients needed for your plants to get the best possible start, composed to increase active nutrient uptake and in the ratios that plants require for the healthiest growth during the early development stages. Monkey knows it is difficult to manage the various aspects of growing, so it is made to be pH stable. Secondly, it's not too concentrated or too weak, it’s just right for you to easily achieve your desired EC value every time. Monkey have a whole range of products that can help you with your grow.

    Reasons for getting Grow A+B Monkey Nutrients:

    • Delivers vital nutrients to your plant during the early stages.
    • pH stable
    • During vegetative growth both A+B aim to fill the canopy with as many shoots as it can.
    • Use in any irrigation system

    Usage of Grow A+B Monkey Nutrients:

    Additionally, purchase of a volume comes with both A and B. Dilute 1ml per litre for the first week, increasing the amount to 2ml by the end of week 4 of veg. This product is in concentrate form, never use the concentrate. Avoid contact with the hands and face, if it does wash immediatly.
  • cellmax bio 8-2-2

    *Bio 8-2-2

    The Cellmax Bio 8-2-2 is an complete organic plant nutrient and is unique because of its high organic nitrogen value. By using only vegetable ingredients and ferments,this product is very rich in natural sugars, amino acids and trace elements that strengthen soil lifeand bacteria. The Ingredients are extracted from the potato and sugar beet industry without addition of animal waste and preservatives. This product is audited and evaluated by Control Union certifcations and is approved as input for Organic Horticulture and Agriculture. Bio 8-2-2: Stable plant growth &  Supports Soil life
  • elite 91 whole


    Elite 91 overview

    Elite 91 is a great brand for growing, supplying everything from clones, acids, roots and fertilised soil packs

    Elite 91 Myco Jordan

    Forms a defensive fortress around the rootzone, Brings the very best from the rest of your nutrient regimen, The most powerful strain of beneficial fungi, Accelerates root development – stronger roots, Speeds up overall plant growth, Improves cutting success rates

    Elite 91 Clones

    A secret weapon of professional US horticulturalists, Use in a similar way to Clonex – add it to a small beaker and dip your cuttings in, Blends two different types of rooting hormone, Delivers close to 100% success rate, Promotes better levels of absorption of key hormones  

    Elite 91 Silicic Acid

    Contains 21 L-amino acids to push plant health and vigour to even greater heights, making it the new standard for achieving stronger, healthier, hardier, more robust & resilient plant growth.  Helps increase plant cell strength and structure, increases essential nutrient uptake, boosts the immune system and aids plants in withstanding environmental stresses caused by heat, cold and drought. It allows plants to reach their full potential in yield, quality, growth and vigour. Helps your plants absorb the nutrients they need with more efficiency, build the strength they require and grow to their fullest quality & yielding potential. Elite 91 SILICIC ACID serves as an effective surfactant and does not require any additional wetting agents for proper penetration and/or absorption. Elite 91 SILICIC ACID is Non-Toxic and leaves NO residue behind on plant surfaces
  • Magic Plant Boosting hydroponic nutrients

    Overview of Magic:

    Firstly, Magic is the top plant yield enhancer, this product works by halting your plants natural growth so the plant can focus on its yield density and flowering. This does not effect the plant negatively its just a great way of pushing the best yield forward.  Available in 4 different sizes you can find one that suits your needs.

    Reasons for getting Magic:

    • Magic increases flowering points
    • Improves weight and colour
    • Prevents the plant from stretching
    • Magic contains PGR's which will help your plant reach its most effective yield.
    • Cocktail mix of nutrients perfectly calculated to improve your plant just as stated.

    How to use Magic

    This product is in concentrate form, use 5ml per 10L (0.5ml per 1L) once your flowers have reached the height you want them to.
    Available in:
    300 ml 600 ml 1200 ml 6.25 ltr
  • *URB Natural

    URB Natural - Organic Microbes for Increasing Yields.

    Microbial life is key to quality and larger yields, URB Natural packs your growing media with the perfect balance of microbes allowing your plant to perform to its optimum. It starts with an vastly improved root system and will take effect from there. You should expect to see a more vigorous root system with stronger defence against root infections or diseases, hungrier plants, larger flowers and an increase in quality. URB Natural is completely safe to use and contains no PGR’s or GMO’s. URB Natural Benefits Include: Completely safe for your plants. Makes nutrients work more effectively – Reducing the need for so many products. Suitable for use in all systems and with all media types. URB is simple to apply by following the mixing rates on the bottle with either nutrients or water. Key Ingredients Proven in 80 Universities and 40 countries. High Quality Humate Carrier for Microbes. Produced under precise Lab conditions. Non-GMO’s. Microbes work in Synergy. Simple to use and effective. Before using shake bottle for 15 seconds. Application rates: Soil and Soilless mediums: Use 30 ml/gal of water or nutrients for initial inoculant and 15 ml/gal and incorporated into normal watering / nutrient protocols continuously throughout growing cycle. Use 10 ml/gal at final flushing. Hydroponic: Mix 5-10 ml/gal each week throughout growing. Foliar Applications: Mix 10 ml/gal and spray plant during the first 5-7 weeks of vegetative growth. DO NOT foliar spray during Flowering Stage
  • coco bloom x+y

    *Coco Bloom X+Y 1L/5L/10L

    Cellmax Coco Bloom is a concentrated, two component, liquid Cocos fertilizer especially for Flowering plants which are grown in Cocos substrates. Coco Bloom accelerates fruit development and size. This product contains; vitamins, minerals and an extra dose of phosphorus. With Coco Bloom, the plant always receives the optimum proportion of nutrients for the flowering phase. Coco Bloom gives your plants everything they need to produce the biggest & strongest fruits and flowers. This product will give exceptional results on Coco substrates