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  • 600Watt light kit with ballast – (Dual Spectrum)

    Ultravivid 600w Metal Halide Bulb (Blue Spectrum) £65.00
  • Gavita 1000w Slim line E-series / RS1 Switch controller

    The Gavita Slim Line series is part of the 'professional' line of fixtures.
  • *Omega Spectra G Line LED Grow Light G100/G220/G430

    Omega Spectra G-Line is a range of full-spectrum and lightweight LED fixtures, used as both an independent or a supplementary lighting source.  

    The sunsystem RS1850 LED

    The sun  system is a 6 bar 720 w led fixture. This led is foldable making it easy for transportation and for installation. The sunsystem is also equipped with a manual nd externall dimming controls £700.00
  • Green Power 6 Contactor lighting control unit

    The Green power 6 contactor

    The green power 6 contactor is a high quality HID lighting control unit. This unit is fitted with its own timer and 6 sockets to allow you to control multiple lights at one time. This product is manufactured in the uk  

    Green power contactors

    Using green power contactors you can control up to 8 lights in a grow room from one place! These products are made to last and are easily installed and mounted.  

    Green power 6 specifications

    This contactor has 230-240V and is 50HZ. Its maximum sodium lighting load is 4000W     £110.00

    LEDSTAR LED 630W Foldable Grow Light

    The LEDSTAR 630W Grow light

    Load star's LED is a 630 foldable light, it has 6 light bars with a dimmability setting of: 250W, 380W, 500w and 630W. This grow light produces 2.7 umols per watt!! Its foldable capabilities make it easy for transportation or moving. Their life expectancy is around 50,000 hours and has a full spectrum of light for full term plant growth.

    More on the LEDSTAR 630 Grow light

    • Full spectrum
      • Highly efficient
      • dimmable with 4 dim settings
      • foldable for easy transportation
      • external 0-10v smart controller ports
      • up to 50,000 hour life span
      Please note that the LEDSTAR 630w foldable grow light is available to order  on back order, this means that even if we do not have it in stock you will still be able to order it. However you must allow up to 15 days for delivery as we will order it in at the time for you. You will be notified throughout the entire delivery with updates and messages on email. £520.00
  • hellion 700w

    Hellion 700W 8-Bar LED Grow Light

    Hellion LED 700w 8-bar Grow light

    The hellion LED grow light is a 8-bar light that must be clipped together before use. Its easy to use set up will have you ready to grow in no time! The hellion has 3 light channels: veg, bloom and uv (finisher) These settings are full spectrum, far red and ultraviolet. It also has 3 SOSEN drivers, one for each channel. It is also easily controlled with the 3 dials on the side or you can use a HELLION VSII controller. The independent drivers provide custom tuned performance from each channel/LED group.

    Overview of Hellion LED grow light

    • 3 Channels specified for each stage of plants life
    • Easy controlled
    • 8 Bar LED
    • 3 year warranty from adjust-A-wing
    • Easy set up

    Extra info on Hellion LED grow light:

    The hellion LED lights has an input voltage of 100-265 VAC and a current of 240v: 2.92A. The general weight is around 20Kg and is hung from its hooks.   Please note that the hellion adjuast a wing is available to order  on back order, this means that even if we do not have it in stock you will still be able to order it. However you must allow up to 15 days for delivery as we will order it in at the time for you. You will be notified throughout the entire delivery with updates and messages on email.     £825.00
  • Loadstar Light kit set 600w Ballast Shade Bulb

    Overview of our Light Kit Set 600w

    Our light kits 600w are a great addition for any set up being both affordable and easy to install, they can be used by anyone. These highly efficient kits have 3 pieces in the set: The ballast, The shade and the bulb. Each piece can be bought individually or they can be bought as a full set. If you buy a full set you will get a free pack of rope ratchets too.

    Reasons to get Light Kit Set

    • 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp
    • Easy to fit Bulb
    • Easy to use reflector
    • 600w digital ballast
    • Easy to control and set up
    Specifics of our Light Kit: Bulb - 600 W , 90000lm , 1080 umol/s , Lifetime of 18000 H Ballast - Silent running , four power settings: 250w, 400w, 600w, 660w, soft start and thermal protection , runs HPS and MH lamps , Wall mounted brackets , Easy to use control dial , 3 pin connector Reflector - Easy to fit , Great reflection , Fit with Free rope ratchets    
  • Gavita 1000w E-series / RS1 Switch controller

    Product Description Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series DE 120-240V Fixture The new Gavita Pro line e-series complete fixtures are next generation professional grow light solutions. Using high-output, high frequency lamps, the Gavita Pro 1000 e-series ballasts are now capable of being remote controlled by the Gavita Master Controller. Comes with an 8 foot 240v power cord. The new Gavita Pro line e-series are improved models and are suitable for central control with the Gavita Master lighting controllers. Now you can have complete lighting control at your fingertips. The Gavita Pro 1000 Double Ended E-Series is the most powerful and sophisticated indoor grow light available. In greenhouse areas where this unit is being used as supplemental lighting, it can cover up to a 10? x 10? area. If used as a primary light source, the Gavita Pro 1000 E-Series Double Ended fixture can cover up to a 6? x 6? area. Use the Gavita Master Controllers to control up to 40 (Gavita Master Controller EL1) or 80 (Gavita Master Controller EL2) lights. Additional Information: Completely sealed housing with GORE-TEX ® ventilation plug,no moving parts, completely silent and cool to the touch Suitable for high frequency 400V electronic horticultural lamps with 10-25% more output than traditional HPS lamps High light maintenance: >95% per year so you only need to change your lamp once per year Replaceable 96% efficient Gavita HR96 reflector for optimal efficiency (HRW wide reflector as an option as from Q3 2014) Controllable output: dim or boost your light to adjust it to changing circumstances or grow phases Soft dim which gradually changes the output when switched, eliminating stress on the lamp Equipped with very high frequency Gavita electronics (>100 kHz) No electromagnetic interference problems through the integrated design. Features & Benefits: The professional fixture of choice Comes with a Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V DE EL lamp, 2100 ?mol s-1 Highest output and efficacy in the market (A++ energy label) Suitable for Gavita Master Controller Plug-and-play installation Lights more than 21 square feet with 1000 ?mol m-2 s-1> Gavita RS1 Remote Switch   The Gavita RS1 Remote Switch is a manual light intensity controller. It can be used to switch, dim or boost one or multiple linked fixtures at once. Easily adjust the light intensity of the lamps by just rotating the knob. The RS1 allows you to dim your lamps down to 60% or even boost your lamps up to 115% for extra light intensity.
  • Cropmaster Pro 600 – 1000 LED Grow Light

    The Power to Flower  Maximize Yields Increase Oil Production  The Ultimate High Bay LED Growing Solution The unique horticultural design of the Cropmaster PRO series makes them ideal for both indoor grow rooms and green houses.