600Watt light kit with ballast – (Dual Spectrum)


Ultravivid 600w Metal Halide Bulb (Blue Spectrum)

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Don’t compromise on ballast quality by opting for other plastic ballasts. All Omega vented ballasts are mountable CE marked and have a one year guarantee. Perfect for growers who operate on a budget.

  • Quiet running.
  • Vented for cool operation
  • UK Mains Plug
  • ROHS Compliant and CE marked
  • 1 Metre mains lead with a flying IEC lead for added safety.
  • Colour temperature: 2000k
  • 90000 Lumens
  • Lifetime: 24000 hours

Ultravivid 600w Metal Halide Bulb (Blue Spectrum)

Ultra Vivid Metal Halide lamps have been exclusively designed to use when growing plants. The light provided by these metal halide lamps is of the correct blue spectrum needed to grow healthy plants.

Metal halide lamps are designed to mimic the amount of blue light that plants would usually get from the spring / early summer sun, and they are intended for use during the vegetative stages of the plant growth cycle and for mother plants.

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