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  • Organicus 99% Buddhas Tree 1L Plant Boosting nutrients

    Overview of Organicus 99%

    Firstly, Buddha's Tree -  organicus 99% is a complete 1-part base nutrient, which is designed for the growth and flowering stages. Our product combines organically derived ingredients, which strengthen your plants and deliver top-quality harvests. Growers use this product with plants growing in soil and hydroponic systems. It's an easy-to-use fertiliser, which ensures the production of top-quality plants with larger flowers and tastier fruits. Nutrients improve your plants' nutrient uptake and immunity systems. Your plants will produce high levels of terpenes and increased flavonoid content, which are responsible for aromas and flavours. Add organicus alongside additives and boosters to achieve high harvest yields and impeccable crops.

    General Information on Organicus 99%

    • The product is suitable for the growth and blooming stages;
    • organicus 99% is a complete base nutrient;
    • The formula contains natural and organic ingredients including Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, and citric acid. The NPK ratio stands at 4-3-2;
    • Organicus 99% is designed for use in hydroponic media and soil.


    • organicus 99% has an increased level of solubility;
    • The product contains organic and natural raw materials;
    • Improves your crops' immunity systems;
    • Improves your plants nutrient uptake level;
    • Strengthens your crops and sets a strong foundation for explosive flowering;
    • Encourages the production of terpenes and flavonoids;
    • Promotes the development of denser and larger flowers;
    • The formula is made for use with other Buddha's Tree supplements and boosters.
    The Science
    Secondly, Buddha's Tree - organicus 99% is a strong fertiliser. Hence why you can use during the vegetative and blooming stages. This product contains increased levels of Phosphorous, which promotes the production of terpenes and flavonoids. Our formula strengthens your plants' root systems and improves your crops' immune systems. The Nitrogen content in organicus 99% is sourced from plant matter. Also, the product comprises molasses and rock dust (rock phosphate). The formula includes vinasse, which is the source of Potassium. The citric acid contained in organicus 99% breaks down rock phosphate into an absorbable form. During the vegetative phase, the product promotes strong growth. Throughout the blooming phase, the formula encourages the production of larger and denser flowers. With organicus 99%, you'll achieve high harvest yields and exquisite fruits.
    How to Use
    Use the product at a rate of between 2 and 4 ml/L. During the vegetative stage, use the fertiliser at a dosage of 2 ml/L. Throughout the flowering stage, use the nutrient at a rate of between 3 and 4 ml/L. Towards the last period of the blooming phase, decrease the rate to 2 ml/L.
    Best Practices
    The product is a complete nutrient, which is added to your water container or reservoir. Add the fertiliser and adjust the pH level as necessary. If you're growing crops in hydroponic media and systems, you must regulate the pH between 5.6 and 6.2. Because the level of the pH will rise naturally once you've mixed in all the nutrients and additives, We advise that you keep the pH towards the lower values. Moreover, in case you're growing crops in soil, you shouldn't adjust the pH. However, if you want to regulate the pH, maintain it between 6 and 7. Store organicus in a safe place. Keep the product in a dark area, away from extreme temperatures. Importantly, wear protective gloves when you're adding organicus to your water container or reservoir. Also, avoid contact with your eyes and skin.
  • Coco A+B Buddhas Tree Plant Boosting Nutrients 1L 5L

    Overview of Buddhas Tree Coco A+B

    Firstly, Buddhas Tree Coco A+B is a premium two part feed, containing all essential elements needed for a plant to thrive in coco substrate. This substance helps keep the coco clean so no residue or blockages occur which in turn helps the plants reach their ultimate potential. Purchase of volume comes with both A and B.

    Secondly, Buddhas Tree Coco A+B has a lot of benefits for your plants health such as:

    • It has been perfected for growing in coco, making it a specialized product.
    • It contains all basic components required for optimal growth within coco, including chelated nutrients al allow easier nutrients absorption.
    • Buddhas tree Coco A&B uses the highest quality elements not only making it superior but ensures you get the best result for your grow.
    • Coco A&B can be used for both grow and boom cycles meaning its simple and there's absolutely no hassle.
    Directions of use for Coco A+B: Use 2-4ml per litre of water. You may want to use more over time depending on the amount of other products you may use. Buddhas tree coco A&B comes in 1L and 5L.
  • PK 9-18 Buddhas Tree Plant Nutrients

    Overview of Buddhas tree PK 9-18

    Firstly, Buddhas tree is the only PK 9-18 soluble solution currently available on the market, created in the UK by a company who have one of the top four chemists in the world working with them. These chemists formulate fertilizers for many of the worlds record breaking food crop producers. They have produced this formula that promises to increase yield by at least 40% Bottles are 250ml.

    What does PK 9-18 do?

    •  Pk 9-18 increases plants uptake of nutrients, natural oils and sugars to make the plant grow to its potential.
    • Breaks down enzymes in the roots of the plants which create healthier ones, which can help with heavier yields and more intensely potent crops.
    • The soluble solution also encourages more uptake of phosphorous and potassium which is great for plant health.

    Customer's opinions?

    local customers who have had the pleasure of using this product recommend it because of the quality of their flowers, their only complaint was the massive increase in their plants natural odor's, due to much stronger crops. But a strong scent is the sign of a healthy plant.
    Every company who produce PK nutrients or boosters have to take tests by EU regulators, and they have to be tested on crop quality and yield. This flowering booster was produced outside of the horticultural industry by an agricultural bio-chemist and growers with decades of experience, to bring the best and safest product possible to the growers. Use Buddhas tree 9-18 along side other nutrients to get amazing results every time, Canna, Plant magic, Plagron are a few.
  • Advanced Meta-Boost Plant Boosting hydroponic nutrients 250ml, 500ml, 1L

    Advanced Meta-Boost

    Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost does exactly what the name suggests. The metabolism of your entire plant improves in almost every way, which in turn leads to a larger yield with an improved quality from the increased production of associated essential oils and terpenes. Designed to be used throughout the flowering cycle alongside your regular nutrient program, Buddhas Tree actively promotes and encourages growth rates and flower production, essentially supercharging your hydroponic garden!

    Overview of Advanced Meta Boost:

    • Elements used will help you enhance the performance your plant will have overall.
    • Using Advanced Meta Boost with the correct additives can help improve the plants yield and quality even further.
    • Buddhas tree can be used to grown in any medium and in any type of grow system from hydroponics to soil.

    How to use Advanced Meta-Boost

    Buddhas advanced meta-boost should be used from week 4 of flowering through until the flush. Remember, always shake the bottle well before use, and make up your nutrient solution and then add your buddhas advanced meta-boost at the specified rates from the back of the bottle. As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight from the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir water or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.
  • Solar Green Power Plant Boosting Nutreints

    Overview of Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

    Firstly, Buddha's Tree Solar Green Power is a strong additive, which you can use during the vegetative and blooming stages. It comprises the most available form of silicon, respectively silicic acid. The formula amplifies nutrient uptake and optimizes CO2 absorption. Solar Green Power boosts your plants' metabolism and improves the integrity of plants' cells. It's perfect for use with all growing systems and media. Use the formula to achieve top-quality crops and huge harvest yields.  

    General Information on solar green power

    • Buddha's Tree Solar Green Power is made for use with plants growing in soil or in hydroponic systems;
    • The product comprises silicic acid to encourage the development of huge stems and stronger branches;
    • Solar Green Power is a strong supplement;
    • The additive is suitable for the growth and blooming stages.
    • It improves your plants' immune systems and increases their resistance to diseases and pests.
    • The product helps your plants grow huge stems and heavier fruits
    • The product helps your plants develop stronger branches and remarkable stems

    Benefits of buddhas tree

    • Improves your plants' immune systems;
    • Encourages the production of chlorophyll;
    • Accelerates your plants' metabolic rates;
    • Develops stronger branches and fatter stems;
    • The product creates a cellulose layer on your plants' leaves;
    • The product can be used with other Buddha's Tree nutrients and supplements.
    • The formula also promotes and sustains chlorophyll production
    • Increased amounts of chlorophyll sustain your plants' photosynthesis
    The Science
    Secondly, Solar Green Tree comprises silicic acid, which strengthens your plants and improves the integrity of plants' cell walls. The product promotes the development of stronger crops and heavier fruits. Moreover, The formula improves the overall structure of your plants and their immune systems. Furthermore, It helps your plants fight against diseases and pests. Growers use Solar Green Tree to optimize the effectiveness and potential of their crops.  
    How to Use
    Thirdly, Use the product during the vegetative and flowering phases at the recommended rate of 0.5 ml/L.  
    Best Practices
    Importantly, ensure that you first add the nutrients and Solar Green Tree. Additionally, Once you've mixed in all the nutrients and supplements, you can adjust the pH. Last but not least, Maintain a pH between 5.6 and 6.2, if you're growing crops in hydroponic systems and media. Store Solar Green Power in a dark place. Keep it away from very low or very high temperatures. Saftey Definitely, Keep the product out of children's reach. However to make sure that you use protective gloves whenever you're handling Solar Green Power. However, in case you're growing plants in soil, adjust the pH between 6 and 7.
  • Flower Burst Plant Boosting Nutrients

    Overview of Flower Burst

    Firstly, Flower burst is a unique new product from Buddhas Tree that has been specifically created for use during your plants pre-flowering and early flowering stage. The results are more efficient and effective, you achieve in the kindest and safest way with a carefully composed blend that uses the same highest quality raw food safe materials that made our best selling PK 9-18 such a success.

    Reasons to get buddhas tree flower burst

    • Promotes explosive flower set without hindering continuing vegetive growth, creates an increased number of flower sites.
    • ensures a seamless change into the pure flowering phase of the bloom cycle in a way that more closely matches your plants needs.
    • It has a PK ratio of 10-8, with added boron, which enables plants to take up all the calcium they need
    •  Flower burst produces flower clusters with short internodes
    • Can create heavy yields in quicker times

    Added information on flower burst

    Furthermore, Buddhas Tree Flower Burst feed rate - 0.20ml /Litre in the first 3 weeks of Bloom. When preparing your nutrient solution to be careful not to mix them together in their concentrated form. Additionally, Add each part of your nutrient schedule to your tank separately, mixing thoroughly before adding the next component to the mix. Importantly, always wash your hands after use.