The natural growing medium for almost all plants on the globe is soil. It supplies humates naturally and serves as a home for fungi and beneficial microbes. Many contend that a product grown in natural soil has a superior flavour and is healthier. All of our soils are made entirely of natural components like peat, perlite, etc. Please be aware that while all of the soils we stock are naturally occurring, not all of them are certified as organic. They are all appropriate for organic, biological (bio) gardening, nevertheless. In the root zone, almost all soils promote beneficial microbial activity. This improves root health and yield.

The coco coir available today is much higher grade than what was available a few years ago. Occasionally referred to as coco peat, coco coir is a completely natural product made from the fibre of coconut shells. It encourages biological gardening (bio) since the majority of these peats already have the beneficial trichoderma fungi. Many people substitute it for soil. However, it may be used in many hydroponic systems and drains much more freely than soil does. Utilize in conjunction with a superior coco-specific feed to get the best of both worlds! Visit our blog to learn more about coco coir. The majority of coco coir peats promote beneficial microbial activity in the root zone.

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