Odour Control

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  • 30ML OCD SPRAY – Air freshener, Air purifier

    Overview of OCD odour Eliminator:

    OCD is a professional odour eliminator. The OCD range comes with multiple choices of scent. Here we have the spray, some of the strongest odour eliminators we have ever smelled! Perfect for industrial or commercial use. The spray gets to work fast breaking down atmospheric molecules and airborne chemicals that can affect you. These affordable sprays can effectively remove odour's from the air and replace them with better smells.

    Reasons to get OCD:

    The spray bottle is a 30ml bottle that effectively removes smells and odours from the area. The spray comes in bubblegum, orange, fresh linen and lemon. These bottles are cheap but extremely effective!! get your now. This product also breaks down chemical molecules in the air so it not only keeps your home smelling great but also protects you.

    Directions for use of OCD:

    Shake the bottle before use, remove lid and spray in desired area. If spray comes into contact with eyes rinse with water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting and go to doctors. Keep out of reach of children.