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  • Auto pot kit Hydroponic system

    Auto pot kit

    Firstly, the Auto pot kit is a perfect addition to your existing set up. Implementing this will make your system bigger and even more effective. With its easy design it is added directly into your pipework for easy installation and easy maintenance.

    Secondly, the Auto pot kit comes with a range of items, such as:

    • The pot kit module is versatile so it can be used for a range of different plant sizes.
    • Modules are supplied with 15l pot but they tray can also be used for the 8.5l pots allowing you to change between the two with ease.
    •  Our auto pot module operates without any power and has zero water waste.
    • This module does not need to be plumbed in which allows for easy replacement at will.

    Important to know before set up of Auto pot kit

    Please see examples of typical layouts using 9mm pipe or 18mm pipe, tanks and filters are sold separately. Once module is set up a tank is filled with water and liquid, this will feed it into your system automatically and completely take care of your plants. Just remember to fill up your tank occasionally.
  • Grow kit Easy2Grow Hydroponic system

    AutoPot easy2grow Module Hydroponic System Self Watering Module 8.5L

    Easy2grow starter Grow kits

    Firstly the autopot Easy2grow module is a fantastic way to make your current autopot system bigger and more effective. You can easily insert it into the pipework of the existing system so it gets water from the same tank as your other Grow pots, making it less of a hassle to run and keep installed. Secondly the Easy2Grow kit comes stocked with everything you need, these include:
    • Trays
    • Pots
    • AQUAvalve marix disc
    • root control disk
    • all fittings
    Moreover each piece of equipment you see here are sold individually, however just remember that adding more pots will put more strain on your tanks capacity, so you would need to get a new one if so.
    Importantly, setting up the easy2grow is simple, all you have to do is plumb it into the existing pipework you have for your current irrigation system, as the module comes with everything you need the process will be quick and easy. Additionally each individual piece is easily replaced with another making it the perfect starter kit for any beginner.  
  • XL Auto Pot Kits / Extra large Hydroponic system

    XL auto pot kit

    Firstly, the XL auto pot kit is a must have for anyone with an automatic grow, the size and capacity makes it a great upgrade from smaller versions. Secondly, the XL pot can attatch to a already existing system or it can also go in its very own standalone system you choose.

    Additionally, the XL auto pot kits specifications are:

    • Single pot module is a 25l pot and tray, with a separate cavity for AQUAvalve.
    • Single pot is extremely versatile and is used for a wide range of plant types and sizes.
    • The 25l Xl pots have a circular base allowing the plant to be easily rotated whilst growing.
    • The XL system mimics a well-proven and familiar design by AQUAvalve, and functions in the same identical way as there existing auto plot systems.
    • Seasonal flowering plants and perennial shrubs thrive and produce an abundance of blooms and foulage. Additionally, this is because of the constant flow of water for the AQUAvalve

    Set up of the XL auto pot kit

    Importantly, to set up the XL pot kit you just need to plumb it into the existing pipework you have for your current irrigation system, as the module comes with everything you need the process will be quick and easy.