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AutoPot easy2grow Module Hydroponic System Self Watering Module 8.5L

Easy2grow starter Grow kits

Firstly the autopot Easy2grow module is a fantastic way to make your current autopot system bigger and more effective. You can easily insert it into the pipework of the existing system so it gets water from the same tank as your other Grow pots, making it less of a hassle to run and keep installed.

Secondly the Easy2Grow kit comes stocked with everything you need, these include:

  • Trays
  • Pots
  • AQUAvalve marix disc
  • root control disk
  • all fittings

Moreover each piece of equipment you see here are sold individually, however just remember that adding more pots will put more strain on your tanks capacity, so you would need to get a new one if so.


Importantly, setting up the easy2grow is simple, all you have to do is plumb it into the existing pipework you have for your current irrigation system, as the module comes with everything you need the process will be quick and easy. Additionally each individual piece is easily replaced with another making it the perfect starter kit for any beginner.


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