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  • Humidifier G.A.S Sonic Air 10L

    Overview of our GAS Humidifier

    Firstly, The SonicAir is an affordable and reliable humidifier for grow rooms. It comes with a large 10 litre tank. Fully adjustable output, so you can increase or decrease the mist levels to fine-tune the humidity in your grow space. Its compatible with humidity controllers for an even higher level of precision for the humidity levels maintained in your space.    Secondly, Capable of a maximum output of 800 millilitres (0.8 litres) an hour, via the four multi-directional spouts on top on the humidifier. These spouts allow for directional misting either to create an evenly misted grow room, or you can cap the spouts to direct the mist into key areas of your grow space. Unlike many other humidifiers, it comes with a 1 year guarantee for peace of mind. It automatically shuts down to prevent any damage when the water reservoir runs empty. This model is suited for small to medium rooms - up to around 3m x 3m. 

    More on our Sonicair humidifier

    Thirdly, For larger spaces invest in a SonicAir Pro Humidifier HOW TO USE THE G.A.S. SONICAIR HUMIDIFIER Use with distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water. Failure to use the correct water type may cause unit to fail and will void the warranty. Pair with the G.A.S. Intelligent Humidity Controller for automatic control of your grow rooms VPD for healthier, faster growing vegetative growth. The SonicAir also works well with the G.A.S. Enviro Controller for the ultimate in control over your environmental variables. We recommend the following humidity levels:  Propagation: 70 - 90%  Vegetative: 50 - 70%  Flower: 40 - 50% £79.00
  • *Combi Ducting White/Black

    The RAM Combi-duct 10m is a light-proof insulated ducting, which comprises a 4-layer multi-laminated structure. It comprises a high tensile steel wire helix, which increases durability and strength. The outer PVC layer is plant safe and it's a strong light and vapour barrier. The 4-layer structure helps the product maintain its shape. The insulated ducting is quiet and delivers low pressure drop. The product is available in 6 sizes.
  • 12″ Box Fan oscillating sliders, 3 speed, easy use

    Overview of 12" Fan

    Our 12" Fan is a great fan to have in any household. Equipped with 3 speeds and an hour timer control makes this product easier to use and a whole lot safer. This fan sits on the floor and provides expert air movement thank to its powerful motor and rotating louver. This fan's power is strong for its size but it does a great job of limiting the sound output, quietly running in the background while supplying vast amount's of air movement.

    Reasons to get 12" fan

    • Rated voltage is 230v frequency is 50Hz
    • 38x15.5x43cm in size (12")
    • 3.5kg weight
    • Powerful yet quiet motor
    • Easy to use speed switch
    • Easy to use timer control
    • Guards on blades


    Do not use this product in hazardous areas, only in specified areas such as: inside household. Do not use fan if cover grille is off. £25.00
  • 20″ Floor Fan Ora – Powerful Lightweight Durable

    Overview of 20" FLOOR FAN Ora Fan

    Our 20" Floor Fans are widely used and favoured due to there affordable price and durable design. These powerful fans can move huge amounts of air around your room very fast increasing air flow and keeping you cool. Easily adjusted with its simple tilting and 3 speed system you won't be regretting this purchase! A powerful yet quiet motor and lightweight this fan is an amazing way to beat the heat.

    Reasons to get 20" floor fan by Ora

    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Easy to use
    • 5 blades
    • front and back grille to protect from the blades
    • Easy to set up
    • 1.7m cable
    Read instructions before use. Only use in specified areas such as indoors do not use in hazardous areas like outside. Do not touch blades while fan is on.
  • Aqualine The Mezzo 8.7L White Cool Mist Humidifier Adjustable Output 30 To 60 Square Meters Cover

    The Mezzo 8.7L Humidifier By Aqualine
    This is an impressive humidifier for larger grow spaces between 30 and 60 square meters. Plants will remain hydrated all day with minimal water wastage, and grow to their full potential through all weather conditions. The mezzo humidifier increases the moisture levels inside your grow spaces air and the soil, this stimulates your plants growth.
    The Mezzo is fitted with an impressive 8.7L tank, made out of clear plastic allowing you to always see the amount held inside. The base of the mezzo is also fitted with 0 - 100% dial setting for full control of the mist output. There is also two LED indicator lights in the base, one for power on and one is a out of water indicator.
    The mezzo Features:
    • Between 30 and 60 square meters coverage
    • 0 - 100% Adjustable Mist Output
    • 8.7L Tank Capacity
    • 2 Indicator Lights
    • increases moisture in your air and soil
    • 24 hour full run time capacity
  • 8L White Humidifier Gorilla – 32W Silent Operation Adjust Output

    8L White Humidifier
    The 8L Humidifier by Gorilla is a great solution to dry and weathered plants. The humidifier works at 32W. 100-240V and releases 250-350ml/h. Using this humidifier it will lift relative humidity levels, reduce static electricity and purifies the air. All this and a adjustable output volume control!
    Gorilla Specs:
    Mist output 250-350ml/h
    Voltage 100-240V
    Frequency 50hZ/60hZ
    Power 32W
    Capacity 8L
    Noise level 35dbs
  • The Mini One Compact White Humidifier 2.3L, 23W, 10 Hour Usage, 20m2 Coverage

    Aqualine Compact Humidifier
    Give your plants the moisture they need and keep your grow space feeling fresh. This Aqualine 2.3 litre humidifier is a simple, reliable solution to withering and dried-out plants, and will easily provide enough humid air for grow spaces up to 20m2. Weighing only 1.4kg, this is a great option for those on the move. The appliance is light enough to transport between grow spaces and can easily be packed away when not in use. 
    The Mini one has 0 - 100% fully adjustable settings, covers 10-20 square meters and has up to 10 hour of usage from one tank. The mini one has a 2.3l tank. This humidifier is just one of aqualine humidifier sets.  
    Input Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
    Power: 23"
    Moisture Capacity: 280ml/h
    Water Tank Capacity: 2.3L
    Room Coverage: 35spm
    Humidification Per Fill: 9hrs
    Noise Level: <35dB 
  • Dual Fan Speed + Temperature Controller – 2 Outlets Digital Display Temp Sensor

    • Set target temps and controller will adjust accordingly
    • 2 power outlets - Intake + Exhaust
    • Digital display / LED indicators
    • Includes temp sensor
    • Temperature control
    • Numerical display
  • 24 hour timer Hacienda Heavy Duty 24 Hour Plug In Segmental Timer Plug & Play

    Hacienda Heavy Duty Plug In Timer
    For use with digital or magnetic ballasts
    Plug and play ready to use
  • Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

    The Monkey Fan from Secret Jardin is an air circulation fan with unique attachment that allows it to clip to the vertical poles of grow tents. This allow to move easily the fan up and down on a side pole. The Monkey Fans have two fan speed settings. £20.00