12″ Box Fan oscillating sliders, 3 speed, easy use


Overview of 12″ Fan

Our 12″ Fan is a great fan to have in any household. Equipped with 3 speeds and an hour timer control makes this product easier to use and a whole lot safer. This fan sits on the floor and provides expert air movement thank to its powerful motor and rotating louver. This fan’s power is strong for its size but it does a great job of limiting the sound output, quietly running in the background while supplying vast amount’s of air movement.

Reasons to get 12″ fan

  • Rated voltage is 230v frequency is 50Hz
  • 38×15.5x43cm in size (12″)
  • 3.5kg weight
  • Powerful yet quiet motor
  • Easy to use speed switch
  • Easy to use timer control
  • Guards on blades


Do not use this product in hazardous areas, only in specified areas such as: inside household. Do not use fan if cover grille is off.

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