16″ Wall Fan Oscillating 3 speeds


Overview of our 16″ wall fan

Our 16″ EasyBreeze fan is a 3 speed oscillating fan that operates using a string system that you can use to turn the fan speed up, down and even off. The fan head can be easily adjusted to fit any need and with its quiet running you won’t even notice it running. The mounting ability gives you more freedom and usability with this product as you can put it up and out of the way creating space. Mounting this fan will also help it move air around your room faster and easier.

Reasons to get 16″ wall fan

  • Easy speed changing system
  • wall mounting ability
  • low noise level
  • high quality safety lattice
  • safety heat cut off
  • diameter: 16″/40cm
  • Do not use the fan outside or in any other hazardous areas. Make sure it is mounted on a dry flat wall. Only use for Household use. Do not use if grille is not in place properly.

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