Grow Room Heaters

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  • Growarm Box Heater 2KW

    Growarm 2KW Heater

    The Growarm heater is a small compact unit, fitted with a fan and a heater. This heater uses 2KW of power, and has a adjustable settings to adjust its power from: 25/1000/2000W. It is small and compact, allowing it to fit into the smallest of places. The total weight of the unit is 3.3kgs. £45.00
  • Growarm Heater – 500W-2500W OIL-FILLED HEATER


    The growarm heater are available in 500w & 2500w. Both sizes are fitted with an over heating protection systemand are all pressure tested to ensure your safety. Both heaters use 220 - 250V & 50HZ of power. They also have a adjustable thermostat control so you can choose the temperature. They also indicator lights to let you know when the heater is on.  

    More on Growarm heaters

    Do not touch the radiator when it is turned on. Assembly instructions are easy to follow, and the set up of both is fast and easy. If the cord is damaged do not use the heater and get in touch with the manufacturer. Do not use this heater near flammable materials