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  • Growbitz 5L Pressurized Sprayer – Portable Hand Pump Chemical Sprayer

    5L Pressure Sprayer Growbitz 
    The Growbitz pressure sprayer is a premium, practical multi-purpose sprayer perfect for patio cleaning, fence treatment, plant feeding, insect and weed control, and plant watering. An adjustable cone nozzle that may be adjusted from jet to mist is installed on the Growbitz sprayer. Water, fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides, and fungicides are a few examples of these uses. Additionally, the 5L sprayer has a roomy, ergonomic handle. This makes pressurising the sprayer simple, and the graduated, clear bottle helps with precise chemical dosing and mixing. built-in pressure release valve that is integrated.  The translucent bottle design used by Growbitz ensures precise chemical dosing and mixing. 
    Please take note that these sprayers' usable capacity is lower than their total capacity since there must be a big enough air gap for the bottle to be pressurised. 
  • White Mister Plant Care Nano Spray / sprayer Cleaning Air Purification Disinfect

    The VAPR Nano Sprayer is a Ultra Low Volume mist dispenser. Ultra Low means this device will dispense high amounts of liquid at low pressure. £25.00