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The VAPR Nano Sprayer is a Ultra Low Volume mist dispenser. Ultra Low means this device will dispense high amounts of liquid at low pressure.

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VAPR Liquid Nano Sprayer

The VAPR liquid nano sprayer is a ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) mist dispenser. Ultra Low volume means this sprayer will dispense high amounts of liquids at low pressure, which turns the liquid into a mist for greater coverage. The sprayer is also wireless, with its battery holding up to 2 hours of effective use. Time does vary on use. A charger for the unit is included in with this product. Please ensure the VAPR sprayer is within 2 metres of the surface for the desired result. The Vapr sprayer can be used in your home, office, public areas and on clothing depending on the liquid you are using, making this product extremely versatile. You can use the mister for: Cleaning, Air Purification, Plant Care & Disinfectant.

More reasons to get VAPR Nano Liquid Sprayer

Ergonomic design for comfort
Holds up to 300ml liquid
Negative ion blue light function

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