*SMC Spider mite Control


SMC has been especially developed to kill spider mites. Used as directed, SMC will kill spider mites and their eggs. SMC is pesticide free, 100% natural and completely safe.

  • Controls spider mites, greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and thunderfly
  • Pesticide free, completely natural and safe.
  • Safe to beneficial insects
  • Fast acting
  • Tested, used and recommended by professionals

How to use SMC Spider Mite Control:

Generously spray the tops and undersides of all leaves and foliage, avoiding any flowers. SMC works very quickly and within a short space of time, any spider mites coming into contact with the sprayed solution will be dead. SMC greatly reduces the ability of eggs to hatch but re-application after a few days will ensure that any hatchlings are eradicated. Always spray your plants with your grow-lamps switched off and clean your bulb before switching back on if any spray gets onto it.

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