*Plant Vitality Nano Series Killer mite


Killermite is an insecticide designed for combatting infestations of spider mites, aphids and scarab flies. Produced by the company that brought you Plant Vitality Plus, Killermite is an extremely concentrated formula (0.25ml – 0.5ml per litre) which allows you to choose the strength of application.

 Known to eradicate Spider Mite infestations in one application, Killermite is an extremely strong insecticide. Its systemic action means that it is absorbed by your plants and remains inside them for up to two weeks. As a result, any insects which try to feed on your plants after spraying will be ingesting the poison.

 For combatting Spider Mites it is recommended to apply Killermite once and then reapply a week later if necessary. It is always advisable to use Killermite in conjunction with other products for maximum effect.

 Due to its potency and systemic action, it is not recommended to use Killermite when flowering – especially if you are growing anything which is consumable.

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