Spidermite Protection Spray Strong Effective Plant Protection


Spidermite protection spray 

Spidermite is a concentrate form of spider spray which fights spider mites and helps plants recover from pests quicker.  Using this product you can not only keep your plants safe but keep them healthy as well, allowing them improved flowering and fruits. This foliar bio stimulant is a concentrate of plant extracts and saponins that when diluted protects your plants from pests. or best results remove webs before spraying. monitor plants for signs of spiders every three days.


Dosage of spidermite:

Apply as a foliar spray by diluting 50ml of the concentrate in on litre of water. apply until droplets begin to run off the leaf tips. ensure a good covering of both the upper and lower leaf surfaces.
Store this out of direct sunlight, avoid contact with eyes and skin.

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