Purolyt Disinfectant Concentrate


Purolyt effectively eliminates bacteria, fungi and algae, if used according to instructions it ensures a safe environment.

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When potentially fatal infections develop, Purolyt Disinfectant Concentrate, a grow room necessity that kills bacteria, fungi, and algae, may be able to save your plants.
Because of its highly effective disinfection abilities for surfaces and equipment, the German-made Purolyt disinfectant concentrate is utilised in professional hygiene management. The way the human body fights off bacteria is comparable to how Purolyt disinfectant concentration functions. When hypochlorous acid, the active ingredient and antibacterial agent in Purolyt disinfection concentrate, is applied, it locks down and kills microorganisms.

Purolyt disinfection concentrate is ideal for use in systems to inhibit bacteria such staphylococcus aureus pythium spp. since it also kills fungus and algae. Purolyt disinfection concentrate is a favourite of people developing in large areas who need to sanitise their surroundings because of its antibacterial activity.

How should Purolyt disinfection concentration be applied?

The five primary uses for Purolyt disinfection concentrate are as follows.

Wiped down – Surfaces can be disinfected in your grow area very well by wiping them down with Purolyt disinfectant concentrate.

Sprayed – To get into all the nooks and crannies surrounding your grow space, spray Purolyt disinfection concentrate.

Fogging – Cold fogging is the method of professional hygiene management and enables for consistent dispersion across your grow area.

Putting tools directly into the liquid will completely clean them of microorganisms.

Direct addition – Purolyt, the active ingredient, can be added directly to water to disinfect it.


per 1L of water, 20ml.

To get rid of any remaining bacteria and start growing in a sterile environment, spray surfaces and submerge equipment. Make sure the solution is completely applied to all surfaces, then wait three to six minutes.

In 1L of water, 10ml.

When recycling substrate, use Purolyt to prepare it by removing any existing roots before soaking it for 48 hours.

For every 10L of water, add 5–10 ml.

To stop the spread of germs and to stop biofilm buildup, add Purolyt to nutrient tanks and water reservoirs.

To 1L of water, add 20ml of Purolyt.

To keep the environment completely sterile throughout the grow, apply the solution as a direct foliar spray in a cold fogger or spray bottle.

Treatment for infection
20–40ml for every 1L of water.

In the event of an existing pollution in reservoirs and tanks, as well as as a foliar spray, a slightly larger dose of Purolyt is advised.


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