Hotbox Sulfume – Sulphur Vaporiser with Sulphur Powder


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Sulfur Powder with Hotbox Sulfume Vaporizer

One of the greatest ways to keep pests and mould from taking root in your grow space is to use the Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur Vaporiser. The hotbox gradually releases sulphur vapour, which stops the growth of pests like spider mites and powdery mildew as well as botrytis.

The Operation of the Hotbox Sulfume Sulfur Vaporizer

Sulfur is heated using a hot-plate that is thermostatically controlled by the Hotbox Sulfume Sulfur Vaporiser. Sulfur is heated in the Hotbox to a precise temperature at which it slowly vaporises into the grow chamber. The Hotbox only produces sulphur vapour due to its precisely controlled heating action, not harmful combustion products like sulphur dioxide. Mold spores are killed by sulphur vapour, which also stops fungus growth and decay. Spider mites are poisoned by sulphur as well. and several other pests found in grow rooms. The Hotbox eliminates waste by dispersing a constant 2 gramme dose of sulphur throughout an 8-hour period.

Instructions for using the Hotbox Sulfume Sulfur Vaporizer

Up to a 100 m2 grow room can be treated with a single Hotbox Sulfume Vaporizer. To provide the sulphur vapour ample room to dissipate effectively, the Hotbox should be positioned roughly in the centre of the grow room at a height of at least 1 metre below the ceiling. Sulfur should be added to the sulphur container within the Hotbox until it reaches the fill-level mark, after which it should be set on the internal hot-plate. Grow room extraction and intake fans must be turned off during treatment times so that the sulphur may continue to function. This indicates that using the Hotbox at night is the best option. The Hotbox can be turned on and off using a timer. Treatments last for eight hours. The Hotbox should be used as a prophylactic step once per week. The Hotbox can be used as often as required to help eradicate an ongoing infestation, even once per dark period for about a week until the problem is under control.

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1x Hotbox Sulfume Vaporiser + 500g Sulphur powder