Solar Green Power Plant Boosting Nutreints


Overview of Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

Firstly, Buddha’s Tree Solar Green Power is a strong additive, which you can use during the vegetative and blooming stages. It comprises the most available form of silicon, respectively silicic acid. The formula amplifies nutrient uptake and optimizes CO2 absorption. Solar Green Power boosts your plants’ metabolism and improves the integrity of plants’ cells. It’s perfect for use with all growing systems and media. Use the formula to achieve top-quality crops and huge harvest yields.


General Information on solar green power

  • Buddha’s Tree Solar Green Power is made for use with plants growing in soil or in hydroponic systems;
  • The product comprises silicic acid to encourage the development of huge stems and stronger branches;
  • Solar Green Power is a strong supplement;
  • The additive is suitable for the growth and blooming stages.
  • It improves your plants’ immune systems and increases their resistance to diseases and pests.
  • The product helps your plants grow huge stems and heavier fruits
  • The product helps your plants develop stronger branches and remarkable stems


Benefits of buddhas tree

  • Improves your plants’ immune systems;
  • Encourages the production of chlorophyll;
  • Accelerates your plants’ metabolic rates;
  • Develops stronger branches and fatter stems;
  • The product creates a cellulose layer on your plants’ leaves;
  • The product can be used with other Buddha’s Tree nutrients and supplements.
  • The formula also promotes and sustains chlorophyll production
  • Increased amounts of chlorophyll sustain your plants’ photosynthesis


The Science

Secondly, Solar Green Tree comprises silicic acid, which strengthens your plants and improves the integrity of plants’ cell walls. The product promotes the development of stronger crops and heavier fruits. Moreover, The formula improves the overall structure of your plants and their immune systems. Furthermore, It helps your plants fight against diseases and pests. Growers use Solar Green Tree to optimize the effectiveness and potential of their crops.


How to Use

Thirdly, Use the product during the vegetative and flowering phases at the recommended rate of 0.5 ml/L.


Best Practices

Importantly, ensure that you first add the nutrients and Solar Green Tree. Additionally, Once you’ve mixed in all the nutrients and supplements, you can adjust the pH. Last but not least, Maintain a pH between 5.6 and 6.2, if you’re growing crops in hydroponic systems and media. Store Solar Green Power in a dark place. Keep it away from very low or very high temperatures.


Definitely, Keep the product out of children’s reach. However to make sure that you use protective gloves whenever you’re handling Solar Green Power. However, in case you’re growing plants in soil, adjust the pH between 6 and 7.

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