Loadstar Light kit set 600w Ballast Shade Bulb


Overview of our Light Kit Set 600w

Our light kits 600w are a great addition for any set up being both affordable and easy to install, they can be used by anyone. These highly efficient kits have 3 pieces in the set: The ballast, The shade and the bulb. Each piece can be bought individually or they can be bought as a full set. If you buy a full set you will get a free pack of rope ratchets too.

Reasons to get Light Kit Set

  • 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp
  • Easy to fit Bulb
  • Easy to use reflector
  • 600w digital ballast
  • Easy to control and set up

Specifics of our Light Kit:

Bulb – 600 W , 90000lm , 1080 umol/s , Lifetime of 18000 H

Ballast – Silent running , four power settings: 250w, 400w, 600w, 660w, soft start and thermal protection , runs HPS and MH lamps , Wall mounted brackets , Easy to use control dial , 3 pin connector

Reflector – Easy to fit , Great reflection , Fit with Free rope ratchets



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LEDSTAR 630W Foldable Grow Light High Efficient Ful Spectrum (ugrowhydroponics.co.uk)

Additional information

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Bulb, Ballast, Shade, Full Set