Magic Plant Boosting hydroponic nutrients


Overview of Magic:

Firstly, Magic is the top plant yield enhancer, this product works by halting your plants natural growth so the plant can focus on its yield density and flowering. This does not effect the plant negatively its just a great way of pushing the best yield forward.  Available in 4 different sizes you can find one that suits your needs.

Reasons for getting Magic:

  • Magic increases flowering points
  • Improves weight and colour
  • Prevents the plant from stretching
  • Magic contains PGR’s which will help your plant reach its most effective yield.
  • Cocktail mix of nutrients perfectly calculated to improve your plant just as stated.

How to use Magic

This product is in concentrate form, use 5ml per 10L (0.5ml per 1L) once your flowers have reached the height you want them to.

Available in:

300 ml

600 ml

1200 ml

6.25 ltr

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300ml, 600ml, 1200ml, 6.25ltr


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