Boost Monkey Nutrients Plant boosting nutrients 1L 5L


Overview of Boost Monkey Nutrients:

Firstly, Boost Monkey Nutrients is a true plant stimulator, it contains no nutrients, just pure plant extracts. Designed to increase your plant’s ability to produce flower sites and dramatically improve it’s final weight. Indeed it is a unique blend of powerful, plant extracted bio-stimulants that help push your plant further. Secondly, Boost increases flower sites, a higher harvest weight, enhanced aromas and a noticeable increase in oil production. Monkey Nutrients has a whole rang of products that can be used at different times of your plants life, do not miss out!

Reasons to get Monkey Nutrients boost:

  • Contains natural pure plants extracts so nothing harmful is entering your plant
  • A natural mix of acids and carbohydrates
  • Makes your fruits heavier and more dense
  • Increases the yield
  • Powerful growth stimulate to ensure your plant has a healthy and safe growth.
  • Increases the plants photosynthesis and sugar content making your plants even sweeter than before.

Using Boost Monkey Nutrients:

Thirdly, Use 1-2 ml per liter from day five of flowering. Remember, this product comes in concentrate form, never use the concentrate. Additionally, Avoid contact with the skin and eyes if so wash off.

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