Root Shoot Monkey Nutrients plant boosting hydroponic nutrients


Overview of Root Shoot Monkey Nutrients:

Firstly, The flagship Monkey product, designed and developed in the UK for over two years, this is Monkey nutrients masterpiece. Using only the finest plant extracted ingredients, Monkey has created a root stimulator that not only rapidly develops the root mass, but also increases fine root hairs, improves lateral root growth and accelerates the development of new roots throughout the plant’s life cycle. These plant extracts provide secondary benefits alongside the amazing root development. They also act as a plant health enhancer due to the number of minerals and vitamins found in the extracts.

Reasons for getting Root Shoot Monkey Nutrients:

  • Uses a blend of the finest ingredients for perfect results.
  • Improves health as well as the roots.
  • Promotes faster cell growth
  • Increases crop yield
  • Improves lateral growth

Usage of Root Shoot Monkey Nutrients:

Used at 3ml per 10 litres, this highly concentrated root stimulator will ensure you won’t need huge bottles throughout your plant’s life cycle. Never use the concentrate on its own always dilute, avoid contact with skin and eyes but if occurs wash off. Shake well before use store in a dry place.

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