Dutch Pro Take Root


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Overview of Dutch Pro Take Root

Dutch pro have a wide range of amazing and efficient products, this is one of them. Take root helps to deliver natural plant hormones and micronutrients straight to your plant when it is at its most vulnerable. When plants are young they often have mineral, hormone and vitamin shortages which can make it extremly susceptible to fungi and bacteria.  This product helps the overall growth of the plant by giving it a secure start. Take root is fully absorbed by the plant which leaves behind no residue so your plant still has a safe place to grow.

Item specifications:

  • Stimulates rapid root growth
  • increases nutrient absorption rate
  • Suitable for any irrigation system
  • Increases hormone and vitamin levels
  • Leaves behind no residue

Usage of Dutch Pro Take Root:

This product is in concentrate form. NEVER use the concentrate. When mixing use 1ML per every 1L to ensure healthy growth. Avoid skin and eyes contact, was immediately is so.

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