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Explode is the blossom enricher (booster), to give the plant in full bloom all the nutrients it needs in this phase.

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Overview of Explode Dutch Pro

Firstly, Explode is the blossom enricher (booster), to give the plant in full bloom all the nutrients it needs in this phase. During the bloom stage a plant is getting ready to pollinate. A plant will do so by producing blossoms so pollen can be transferred to fertilize a female plant. Furthermore, Dutch Pro has a range of items that can rapidly increase your plants growth.

Why you should get Explode Dutch Pro

  • Improves photosynthetic process and increases your plants resistance against fungi and bacteria related diseases.
  • This blossom enricher, consisting of several micronutrients, vitamins and acids, gives the plant an explosive hardening of the blossom.
  • The high-quality components will completely be absorbed and leave no residue behind.

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Secondly, There is no need to use a PK 13/14 with this product as it is already effective enough.  Explode stimulates the production of green pigment and the amount of chlotophyll. This improves photosynthesis, the more the better. Aditionally, Chlorophyll turns water and nutrients into glucose that the plant then feeds off of. This product is extremely effective for getting you grow to reach its maximum potential. Importantly, All the minerals in Explode absorb into the roots leaving no residue behind.

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