Monkey Nutrients PK 14/15 Plant boosting hydroponic nutrients


Overview of PK 14/15

PK 14/15 is a concentrated form of potassium and and phosphorous that helps boost your plants natural growth. This product is essential for yield density and the quality so it is a must have! Letting your plant get access to P and K during the flowering stage can drastically increase your  results.  PK 14/15 has the perfect amount of phosphorous and potassium so you don’t have to worry about using too much, just follow the instructions provided and your results will speak for themselves.

Additional information about PK 14/15:

  • Improves yield and strength
  • Helps flowering spots develop
  • Both P and K are essential macro nutrients that your plants need to develop
  • PK 14/15 can help improve your flavour by improving carbohydrate metabolism and sugar production that can give your yield a sweet taste.

How to use PK?

Use PK 2ml per Litre during the weeks 5, 6 and 7 to get unbelievable results!!

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