Dutch Pro Grow A+B Original Soil Aarde


Complete “grow” feed purposely designed for soil. This product has all of the essential macro and micro growth nutrients necessary for exuberant growth on soil.
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Overview of Dutch Pro Grow A+B

Dutch Pro Grow A+B is a feed for growing that has been purposely made for soil. This product has all the essentials for your plant needs to grow. All of its elements get absorbed which leaves behind no residue. Dutch pro has a huge range of products all help your plant reach its maximum potential. Purchase of volume comes with both A and B.

Reasons for getting Dutch Pro Grow A+B:

  • Stimulates the plants growth for better results.
  • suitable for irrigation systems.
  • Strengthens your plant and keeps its health high
  • no residue left behind, the plant absorbs it all

How to use:

  • For every 100 litre’s of water use between 200 and 300 ml of Original Grow Soil depending on the desired EC level.
  • Never mix components in pure form with each other – instead add component A, water and then component B in equal parts (always rinse measuring cup well).
  • Adjust pH level if necessary with pH- Grow from Dutch Pro. Optimum pH level 5.8 – 6.
  • Always wear gloves and wash hands if contact with skin.


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