Root Pouch Fabric Pots


Root Pouch – Fabric Pots

Root pouches allow your plants roots to grow continuously and without interruption, creating huge roots and increasing nutrient uptake. Your plants can grow to extraordinary sizes from just using these pots alone! Available in multiple different sizes and in black and grey. These are the most versatile semi-degradable Root Pouch available. Root Pouch is the only fabric container company that offers natural fiber blended fabrics creating the perfect pot. Its light weave helps for maximum oxygen exchange. Synthetic fibers create strength so you can trust using these pouches.

Reasons to get Root Pouch

  • Continuous root growth
  • Available in grey or black
  • versatile semi-degradable
  • natural fiber blended fabric
  • light weave creates easy oxygen exchange
  • synthetic fibers are strong


30L 7Gal Black w/handles30L 7Gal Black w/handles2L Black2L Black3.8L 1Gal Grey3.8L 1Gal Grey56L 15Gal Grey w/handles56L 15Gal Grey w/handles39L 10Gal Grey w/handles39L 10Gal Grey w/handles12L 3Gal Grey12L 3Gal Grey16L 5Gal Grey16L 5Gal Grey22L 6Gal Black w/handles22L 6Gal Black w/handles8L 2Gal Black8L 2Gal Black12L 3Gal Black12L 3Gal Black8L 2Gal Grey8L 2Gal Grey30L 7Gal Grey w/handles30L 7Gal Grey w/handles3.8L 1Gal Black3.8L 1Gal Black22L 6Gal Grey w/handles22L 6Gal Grey w/handles
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30L 7Gal Black w/handles, 2L Black, 3.8L 1Gal Grey, 56L 15Gal Grey w/handles, 39L 10Gal Grey w/handles, 12L 3Gal Grey, 16L 5Gal Grey, 22L 6Gal Black w/handles, 8L 2Gal Black, 12L 3Gal Black, 8L 2Gal Grey, 30L 7Gal Grey w/handles, 3.8L 1Gal Black, 22L 6Gal Grey w/handles