Root It 24 Natural Root Cubes Propagation Media


Root It 24 Propagation Cubes

Using Root!t rooting sponges, you may increase the success of your propagation efforts and give your seeds and cuttings a head start. They feel and look like chocolate sponge cake and are made of bark and peat. They are very easy to handle. The sponges include vitamins and helpful bacteria to encourage germination in addition to being biodegradable and ecologically friendly. They readily maintain the ideal air to water ratio and have excellent nutrient uptake. Additionally, they protect roots from heat and a lack of moisture better.
A tray with 24 propagation sponges is included.
Effective air and water balance is achieved via the base tray’s ridged base.
Your plants may be potted on however you choose after they have rooted.
Dimensions: L: 32 cm, W: 22 cm, and H: 5 cm

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