Monkey nutrients Resin Extreme Heavy Yields Weight Enhancer 300ml, 600ml & 1.2L


Monkey Resin

Monkey resin creates the most extreme heavy yields with no compromise in crop size!

  • Extreme heavy yields
  • Increase oil production 
  • Increase flower mass
  • Phosphorus + Potassium mix
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Monkey Nutrients Resin For Extreme Heavy Yields

Monkey nutrients is a new upcoming brand based in the UK. Resin is their new product and is already making waves across the UK. This state of the art flower enhancer that will maximise oil production and flower mass. Resin is available in 300ml, 600ml & 1.2L, even though it has been formulated for professionals it is extremely simple to use. Shake the bottle well before use, keep out of the reach of children and store in a dark cool place.
For visible results use resinator at just 1ml per litre from 7-10 days into flowering cycle until flush. For even more astonishing results use at 2ml per L

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300ml, 600ml, 1.2L