Acoustic Ducting


Acoustic Sono Ducting not only reduces the noise of airflow in the ducting but also reduces the noise of airflow from your fan! Acoustic Ducting is a must for all noise conscious growers

102mm (5m)102mm (5m)102mm (10m)102mm (10m)127mm (5m)127mm (5m)127mm (10m)127mm (10m)152mm (5m)152mm (5m)152mm (10m)152mm (10m)203mm (5m)203mm (5m)203mm (10m)203mm (10m)
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Overview about Acoustic Ducting

Firstly, Acoustic Ducting is a cheap but effective ducting that is suitable for any level, beginner or professional. This ducting can move large amounts of air very quietly, it even quietens the sound of the fan! These pipes are tough yet flexible making them useful for any set up! These pipes are easily changed and moved as they are so light but extremely effective. Secondly, The aluminum outer layer acts as a barrier preventing the wool fiber from getting wet, as this would cause a build up of pathogens and bacteria.

Reasons to get Acoustic Ducting

  • Easily set up
  • Light yet strong
  • Noise cancelling
  • Insulated inner wall keeps sounds from entering with external environment
  • easily positioned anywhere with clips

Lastly, We have multiple sizes of ducting available, many to suit your needs:

102mm comes in 5 and 10 meters

127mm comes in 5 and 10 meters

152mm comes in 5 and 10 meters

203mm comes in 5 and 10 meters

This product is fire safe.

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102mm (5m), 102mm (10m), 127mm (5m), 127mm (10m), 152mm (5m), 152mm (10m), 203mm (5m), 203mm (10m), 254mm ( 5m), 254mm (10m), 319mm (5m), 319mm (10m), 355mm (5m), 355mm (10m)


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