Abzorb Disposable Dehumidifier 800ml


Abzorb Disposable Dehumidifier

Abzorbs dehumidifier is a disposable dehumidifier that you can use in your grow room! Thanks to their added activated carbon element they can also remove odour particles. This product will lower Humidity in your room, as this can lead to things like mould & rot which you do not want.


Reasons to get abzorb

  • Vital drying tool
  • Destroys odour particles
  • lowers humidity
  • Holds 3X its weight in water
  • combats mould, mildew, pollutants
  • Cost effective
  • Safe and noise free


Directions for use:

Remove plastic lid, then remove foil wrapper leaving white layer intact. Replace the plastic lid and place it in the desired place. Once the product has expired it will turn to liquid, place it in a plastic bag and dispose in household waste. Abzorb will last a minimum of 2 weeks.

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