Ora 10L Humidifier 600ml/h & 5 fully adjustable interchangeable nozzles



The Ora is an affordable and reliable humidifier for grow rooms. It comes with a large 10 litre tank. Fully adjustable output, so you can increase or decrease the mist levels to fine-tune the humidity in your grow space. Its compatible with humidity controllers for an even higher level of precision for the humidity levels maintained in your space. 

Capable of a maximum output of 600millilitres (0.8 litres) an hour, via the four multi-directional spouts or its other spout pieces on top on the humidifier. These spouts allow for directional misting either to create an evenly misted grow room, or you can cap the spouts to direct the mist into key areas of your grow space. This model is suited for small to medium rooms – up to around 3m x 3m; 

The best levels of humidity for each stage of plants life:

Propagation: 70 – 90% 

Vegetative: 50 – 70% 

Flower: 40 – 50%

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 44 cm

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