*Roots Excelurator Gold


Roots Excelurator is the most powerful root stimulator available in today’s market. Using only 1.1ml per gallon (this is the least expensive rooting agent per gallon of feed water on the market), Roots Excelurator will provide explosive root growth and rid the plant of brown roots. This amazing biological water and/or soil treatment will protect the root zone, ridding the plant of unwanted microbial pests. This beneficial root stimulator will outperform all other root products! Roots Excelurator is packaged in an aluminum canister to preserve organic ingredients and beneficial organisms. Use on all rooting mediums as well as through the vegetative and early flowering stages.
Use Roots Excelurator though out the entire vegetative growth cycle as well as in the first three weeks of growth at the rate of 1.1 ml per gallon. Contrary to what you might have heard with other nutrients, never use an oxygen pump in the nutrient container or in the growth table. This may have serious consequences for the stability of the nutrients.
This is a genuine product decanted and sealed into smaller quantities for your convenience, please buy with confidence.
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