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Regen-A-Root is so uniquely effective that it has become our number one product

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Overview of Regen-a-root

Firstly, Regen-A-Root has been developed by agronomists who has over 30 years of horticultural experience in production and consultation. Regen-A-Root is so uniquely effective that it has become CX Horticultures number one product. Second, there are lots of root products out there, fortunately for you, though, Regen-A-Root is the one that works AND at only a fraction of the cost. This highly recommended product can save your plants!! CX Horticulture have a range of products you can choose from. Regen-a-root can be used from the start of your plants life all the way to the end, but is most useful during times of stress such as the flowering period.

Reasons for getting Regen-a-root

  • Made by CX Horticulture, who have more top of the line products
  • Helps prevent root rot in your plants!!
  • Use with almost any other brand of nutrient
  • Use perfectly with any other CX Horticulture brand


Importantly, Just 1ml per litre is all you need. This product is in concentrate form, never use the concentrate. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin, wash off if happens.

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