Overdrive Advanced Nutrients


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Overview of Overdrive

Firstly, Overdrive helps your plants reach optimal flowering sites by supplying it with more potassium and phosphorous. This causes the plant to increases the number of flowering sites. This product is meant to be used during the last few stages of flowering, this is to ensure the plant reaches its full potential. Overdrive matures and and improves your plant like nothing else that is on the market!!

Reasons for getting Overdrive

  • This product is made by a team of scientists that are dedicated to perfection, it’s also made with the highest standards.
  • Used with other advanced nutrient products to achieve remarkable results.
  • Increases yield, density and weight.
  • Boosts flowering rate.
  • Improves plants resistance to heat, cold and bugs.
  • Cell expansion and replication for bigger flowers.


Secondly, Use from 3 weeks before harvest, add 2ml per litre. Importantly, This product is in concentrate form, never use the concentrate. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin, wash immediatly if occurs.

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