Grow Genius Mono-Silicic Ultra Fast Acting, Plant boosting nutrients


Overview of Grow Genius Mono-Silicic

Firstly, Grow-Genius Mono-Silicic comes in multiple sized bottles, perfect for any size grows you may have. Secondly, This product needs to be diluted before use, never use the concentrate. The diluted solution can be used in a irrigation system or by hand watering. This will increase the strength, yield, faster growth and stress resistance.

Reasons for getting Grow Genius Mono-Silicic

  • Mono silicic acid is the ONLY natural form of silicon that plants take up.
  • This product works immediately on contact with roots, leaves or flowers.
  • Use this product for seed germination and cutting propagation to a few weeks before your harvest.
  • Improved resistance to pests, disease and environmental stress
Additionally, 0.3ml/10L weekly in solution and 0.5ml/L as a fortnightly foliar spray. Do not allow dirt or water into the container. Use hand and eye protection at all times. Use only in well ventilated areas do not inhale the vapors or spray!
Our available sizes are:
10ml  100ml  250ml  500ml  1L
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