*Revolution Silenced Fan (EC/AC)


Systemair Silenced Reveolution Fan
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  • Whisper quiet air movement!
  • More directional airflow – less turbulence.
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty!
  • Minimal pressure drop when attaching filters.
  • Excellent brand reputation.
  • Insulated with high grade acoustic foam.
  • Extremely high build quality.
  • German Build quality.
  • Thermal Motor Protection.
  • Wired and ready to go – plug and play!

Global Air Supplies have brought to market on of the finest extraction fans on the market. The design and effort that has gone into this product is second to none. Over two million pounds and years of research have gone into producing a fan that quite simply cannot be beaten. Born from the high-quality brand that is Systemair, the Revolution Stratos gives you the highest amount of air movement, with the smallest amount of noise.

There are three options of these AC versions of the fans, a 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch model for you to choose from. Each one moves more air than any other equivalent brand and performs a lot better under pressure, say when you are attaching a filter. This means you will not lose precious airflow through your extraction in the same way that you will with other fans! If you are looking to move huge amounts of air, with minimal noise, then these are definitely the fans you need.

Global Air Supplies as a company in England are relatively new, but the people behind the scenes have been active in bringing you the high-quality extraction solutions for a long, long time. They are the only wholesaler that specifically tailors themselves to provide high quality solutions for grow room extraction systems. Drawing on their experience with bringing other high-end products to market like Rhino Filters or the IWS watering systems, Systemair have one of the best options currently available for your extraction.

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4" AC, 4" EC, 5" AC, 5" EC, 6" AC, 6" EC, 8" AC, 8" EC, 10" AC, 10" EC, 12" AC, 12" EC


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