*Heavy Duty Gaffer Tape


Gaffa tape is also commonly known under different guises-

Fabric, cloth, duct, duck, gaffer, tank, spike, camera, multipurpose, trade

All are usually available in many different quality types. Unless specified, our gaffa tapes are normally of an exceptional quality. We know this as we use them for our own trade jobs (productions & events).

Our range of colourful tapes, can be used for all sorts of temporary uses- team colours, temporary vehicle body work repairs, camouflage, team sports, trade events, garden, luggage identification, stage, exhibition, TV & film sets, photography, labelling, flooring, arts & crafts.

Safety purposes can be added to this list, for the temporary laying of cables however this will depend of your own risk assessment, as this can be a trip hazard in the wrong location.

Common sizes are 50mm wide by 50metre long

Always be aware of floor surface types as gaffa tapes can be damaging particularly on wooden floors. If in doubt don’t use. We also sell other suitable tapes including PVC based Dance floor tape, and double sided tape that is NEC approved, which may be an alternative.  Search our shop for these options.

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