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AutoPot easy2grow Module Hydroponic System Self Watering Module 8.5L

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The AutoPot Easy2Grow Module is a fantastic way to make your current AutoPot system bigger. You can easily plumb it into the pipework of the existing system so it gets water from the tank as the rest of the pots do. Likewise, it comes complete with everything you need to add a pot. This includes the tray, pot, AQUAvalve marix disc, root control disc and all fittings. They are available singly so you can add as many as you need. However, do be aware that if you keep adding more pot, you’ll eventually need to upgrade your tank.

This is one of the best ways to make your current AutoPot Systems bigger. As a result, its easy to set up, simply plumb it into the existing pipework of your current irrigation system. The module is complete with everything, all you need is a pot.

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