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CANNA Hydro Vega Hard Water (A+B) is a two-part base nutrient, designed for recirculating systems. It’s a premium feed suitable for plants in the vegetative stage, growing in soil less hydroponic systems. The product is engineered for hard water areas. The nutrient promotes powerful and healthy plant growth. It’s vital for a rich root development and strong side shoots. From the start, your plants will absorb increased levels of nutrients and water. Growers use Hydro Vega Hard Water (A+B) to achieve healthy plants, top-quality crops, and increased harvest yie
The product is a two-part base nutrient;
It’s designed for the vegetative stage and the first two weeks of the blooming phase;
The product is made for use in recirculating systems;
The product comprises increased levels of Nitrogen compounds
The product strengthens plants growing in hydroponic systems;
It’s environmentally friendly;
It’s user-friendly;
The product promotes strong root growth and side shoots development.
How to Use
Add part A into the water reservoir and mix. Chase with part B and mix thoroughly. When growing in hydroponic systems, maintain the pH level between 5.6 and 6.2. Maintain the pH level towards the lower end of the scale as it’ll rise once you add the nutrients. Store the product in a safe and dark place. Keep it out of children’s reach. Use protective gloves when handling the product. Avoid contact with your skin or your eyes. In case of contact with your eyes or skin, rinse immediately.
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