*Bronze Star* Grow Bundle Save £80!!


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*Bronze Star* Grow Bundle

******Saving £80 on items purchased separately******

1 x Matrix Tent – 1 x 1 x 2
1 x 600W Ultra Vivid digital ballast Kit
1 x 5″ Carbo Air
1 x 5″ 300 Carbo Air
1 x 5″ 10m Ducting
4 x 15L Plastic pots with trays
1 x Basis A + B Mills 1L (used for all media)
1 x C4 250ml (flowering enhancer)
1 x PK 250ml (used at 2-4 weeks blooming)
1 x Start R 250ml (root rooster)
1 x Vitalise 100ml (booster- helps build immune system)
1 x 2 pk Rope ratchet
1 x Spray Bottle 1L
1 x Scalpel
1 x Pipette

******Saving £80 on items purchased separately******


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